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World toilet day
The UN has declared Nov.19th as the world Toilet day.
We have lived and grown up with toilets, of course during our younger days when we travelled we never used public toilets since we were worried about hygiene with the advent of pay toilets those are taken care off too.
The impact of open defection never really struck in, after all at school we were thought that one method of seed dispersion was undigested seeds in the faecal matter.
At the medical school the impact of water borne disease and zoonosis kind of seeped in.
Last year when I went with the Banega Swach Bharat drive of NDTV I realized the greater impact of it, there was a man who wanted toilets constructed because he wife died when she slipped as she went out the fields. Gone were the days people looked at costing, the issue that the public presented was know how, they knew they needed toilets, they wanted the toilets too, the issue was how would the sewage handle it self they did not want it let loose into the fields and rivers as it would cause contamination. The knowledge partners organized by NDTV addressed this fundamental issue.
maybe if a year back somebody told me that the international toilet day was linked with equality, dignity and gender violence and sanitation I would have rolled with laughter. But the exposure a year ago and working with the migrant workers have really opened my eyes to something larger.
I heard stories of villagers who want to send their daughters to school but the fact that there were no toilets and the trees had been cut off to widen the roads made them aware of the desperate need for toilets and trees.
On the flip side were elders who were psychologically comfortable doing their daily rituals in the open environment so they had bowel constriction when they had to use the toilets. Interestingly the resource person suggested roofless toilets and planting of trees, or keeping flower pots.
When we are dealing with the migrant labour and informal work force things take a different turn. In a supermarket or a mall there are staff toilets and toilets for the public, but in a village market, or construction site we have neither.
Some village markets have now come up with pay toilets but construction sites are still open. The workers have nowhere to ease themselves through their 10hrs of working. Neither do they have access to potable water unless they are carrying it.
It is easy to say that India as a nation has no sense of hygiene/dignity/whatever, to a certain extent yes, but if we do not provide the toilets where on earth are the people to go, they have to ease themselves so they will go into the shrubs if they are available or go in the open.
An year back I met a company that dealt with portable toilets, when we asked them why were these not used in places where temporary toilets were required, we were told
• Their initial costing is high
• They were western toilets and Indians were not comfortable using it.
By the way the company has come up with an Indian model this year. The waste was dealt with chemically so there was no odour emitted.
The sanitation maintenance people on the Indian railway have another thing to say. Yes, the train toilets are public places. The Indian railway has recently shifted to bio-cleansing toilet units, they put up signage’s to tell people not to throw their diapers, the sanitary towels and tissues down the toilet , yet people do so, particularly in the first class section which is supposed to occupied by the more educated aware citizens as opposed to the plebiscites of the sleeper class.
The international toilet day would be a great point to start an awareness drive, and toilet training—yes I use it deliberately because we need to learn how to use a public toilet, keep it clean and conserve resources.

Seeking Peace


#Blogging for Peace with Blog Adda.Image courtesy google/

What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met.”
― David LevithanLove Is the Higher Law

Starting a new cycle, calling for peace everything is good.

The background story given by Blogadda is excellent, Louis Armstrong’s song, attacks in Paris, fortunately or unfortunately the world trade centre and Bombay attacks are forgotten.

We talk of innocents being slaughtered; we talk about what goes on in a terrorists mind. I shall come to it in a while. I would recommend that you view an Afghanistan movie called,”The Apples From Paradise” it gives an interesting insight to terrorism and suicide bombing.

Yes the families of the dead are victims, but terrorists are creation of our collective consciousness, so what we need to look into is what our collective consciousness is.

There are delinquent social elements who during the world war were the people decorated with bravery awards because they did not really care either for their own lives or the other, it was this cadre that could win the war for allies, but during peace times these disruption in the society.

We as a society are now influenced by humungous megabytes thrown to us by the media. When I say media it includes movies. Since the 70’s we are constantly told that if you do not get what you think you are entitled to it is okay to grab it, the hero who stalks the heroine. the Hero who avenges his father by killing the perpetuator, the small time thief who gets the trophy we don’t talk of crime and consequences, we talk of eye for a eye this is despite the much touted, MKG(Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)’s quote, “an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

We have become audience that justify and glorify violence. These start with the Disney cartoons that our kids view.

What we need to understand is peace is not so much a political mandate as it is a shared state of consciousness that remains elevated and intact only to the degree that those who value it volunteer their existence as living examples of the same… peace ends with unravelling of individual hope and emergence of the will to worship of violence as healer of private and social disease.

It is indeed hard to forget pain, but the tragedy is it is harder to remember sweetness. We have so scar to show for happiness, we learn so little for peace, forget it, we have so little respect for peace.

Think of the Wodeyar kings who accepted the British rule and gave them their tax…like the state gives the central today… they focused their resources, and skills in building colleges, and hospitals, sheshadripuram in Bangalore is named after the Diwan of Mysore who was responsible for building the Bangalore hospital, but they are remembered as insipid sloths, while Tippu, who looted the land and waged a war, is touted as the hero.

Whether someone is a hero or a terrorist depends on whose story we are saying. Everyone is worried about stopping terrorism, well, there’s really an easy way. Stop participating. The number people killed by sanctions in Iraq is greater than the total number of people killed by all weapons of mass destruction in all of history.

You have peace,” the old woman said, “when you make it with yourself.” 
 Mitch AlbomThe Five People You Meet in Heaven

The Great Ones

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town of manipal

Growing up in the small town of Manipal one would assume that we would be country hicks devoid of the flamboyant all conquer ring world that exists in the cities. We were lucky; we lived among men and women of visions and conviction. I dedicate this blog to many people who were made for greatness

tma pai

Dr.T.MA.Pai the visionary who envisioned Manipal and started building it. the venture not only has nurtured talents in India and abroad, it has also provided employment to so many youngsters who would have otherwise left the town and gone seeking better prospects, here these individuals stayed in the rural environment handled agriculture and supplemented their income with a steady job.
Dr.Pai’s vision has inspired many business men into venturing into education as a business. He always had time for us kids, at least for a smile and he would ask us which class we were in each time he met us. Yet he bothered.

venkat mama
invite to Dr.Hande’s book release

Dr.H.V.Hande a humble LIM doctor, who began his career as a private practioneer in the quite lanes of Chennai, he grew to become the health minister of the state, he trans-rendered the Kamba Ramayana and the latest is the Tamil rendering of Dr.Ambedkar’s speech.
Dr.PN.Srinivasa Rao, posthumous son of widow, he worked his way through college and was one of legendary surgeons when alive,
The villagers of the village of Mudradi, they have innovated and created opportunity within the town, there is no vandal urbanization they have the rural ethos intact yet the town has two schools, the children publish their research work. There three small scale home industries. A well established healthcare unit, a performing art training and performace center which conducts an annual festival.
To me these are leaders, for…
Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts it is about one life influencing another. If our action creates a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then we are excellent leaders.
Leaders are not, as we are often led to think people who go along with huge crowds following them. leaders are people who go their own way without caring or even looking to see, whether anyone is following them. leadership qualities are not the qualities that enable attract followers but those that enable them to do without them. They include at the very least courage, endurance, patience, humour, flexibility, resourcefulness, stubbornness, a keen sense of reality and ability to keep a cool and clear head, even when things are going badly. True leaders in short do make people into followers but into other leaders.
These people are not just leaders; they are also dreamers, after all winners are dreamers while it is not necessary that dreamers are winners. Like their dreams were the key to their future ours are the key our future. The bible says, “Without a vision, a people perish” the dream the vision is necessary.
Be it Dr.Pai, Dr.Hande, Dr.Rao or the entrepreneurs of Mudradi, they did not surrender their hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations that others have placed on them. Their vision and destiny did not and does not reside in the naysayers or the cautious cousins and doom prophets. They listened, heeded advised and made an educated choice. Do not surprise if you find a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise you. Friends and family who suffer the lack of abundance, joy, love, fulfilment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self limiting beliefs on your reality experience.
At the end of the day management is about doing things right and leadership is about doing the right thing.
What these people taught us think was about mission and people. Mission… what you are trying to accomplish… do not do anything until you know what the mission is, and what the energy that you contribute is. This was drilled into our hearts and our heads by these people who have achieved greatness. When we commit ourselves to the mission knowingly then we are talking trust, reliability, authenticity and maybe even simplicity like the brand Tata motors stands for, and is reinforced by Lionel Messi.

Tata Motors Joins hands with Messi.


are you from goa proper?

BNLF at Mumbai,

“Hi, I am Bloghead from timbuctoo, I blog as bloghead.in”

Wonderful…  I mumble and flash an insipid polite apology for a smile. The next question now pops up,

“And you are”

“Parwati Singari” I mutter desperately trying to find someone I know, or maybe I can pretend the next train to galaxy incognito has arrived and I need to get on it.

But bloggers and bloggers and are tenacious, most bloggers are true followers of the Hammurabi code, if they share their secret hide out with you, you should share your hideout with them,

“And I blog as parwatisingar.wordpress.com” I say very rapid, almost dusting my palms against butt to indicate “buddy I am on the move.”

But like I said before etiquettes are to be followed, and when a blogger gets unmasked there is no stopping him,

“And you are from”

I hold my breath brace myself and say,”Goa.” The responsive fireworks went on for nearly half an hour, great pulsing strobes, fiery dandelions and starbursts of light brightening both the sky and water, oh! I know I went off track he was sharing what he saw on New Year’s Eve at “Goa.”

It was hard to tell which was reality and which was reflection, it was as there were two displays one above the reality he saw, and below the reflection on Mondovi, going on simultaneously worse was him trying to find the balance honestly I did wonder if he was suspended in space-time or in time-space.

This is a standard format most of us here,

“Oh! You are from Goa” yes buddy, I just confessed my dark secret.

“Goa proper” hello what do you mean by Goa proper, I wonder what is Goa improper, I wonder what do they mean by improper.

Maybe a better idea would be to find out what they mean by Goa Proper…

“What is Goa Proper?”

“Beach… I love sleeping on the beach” bloghead now seems a misnomer for blockhead. Can you image sleeping on the beach during the rains, the slush not to mention the garbage and the biological residue of the tourist season.

“Well we live at Bamboli”

“Where is it in Panjim or Madgaon?”

How do you explain that neither it is an independent entity, any way one need not really take the trouble?

“Is vasco near your place…” someone asked?

“How far are you from Dona Paula?”

“Well Dona Paula is about 4kms from our place.” Finally everyone seems to satisfy that I live in “Goa Proper.”

Then was the seventy something neighbour of my brother,

“haa, your brother told me you are from Goa.”

“Yes” holds your breath, do EFT

Goa proper?

Fortunately before I could answer he said, “I went to Goa some thirty years back, you know, to the Mangurishi temple, and old Goa churches,” where do you stay?

I am so tempted to say up the coconut tree tapping toddy.

Etiquette in Public transport

A man sitting on a seat designated for women
A man sitting on a seat designated for women

Candles are being light this evening in memory ofpeople who died in road accidents, maybe we should look at making our roads, and public transport safter?

My scooter has conked off, and I am taking the public transport from the university to Kala Academy and back.

It is quite interesting to watch people.

I have this happening in the Vasco locals too.

There are seat designated for women, where men sit quite comfortable and women are standing, neither does the conductor ask the men to stand up, nor do the women exert their rights. One time when I told a woman it is a women’s seat sit down, she told me how can I? My husband is standing. I could ignore that as her call.

Then we have teenage boys who don’t give up the seat, they avoid making eye contact so that the women won’t draw their attention or point blank ask them to get up.

Oh! Yes there are mothers of teenage boys who plonk and get their sons to sit next to them they don’t let the boys get up when another woman comes by. If the boy is asked to get up then they create a ruckus.

The other day, there was a senior citizen who was standing. In the seat designated for senior citizen was a  staff from the Manipal Hospital. I got up and gave my seat to the elderly gentleman, at the university stop another elderly woman got in, when we told this staff of Manipal Hospital to get up, she says what’s wrong if I sit I am getting off at Manipal hospital.  I knew the staff of Manipal Hospital Goa is rather rude but this kind of takes the cake.

What is this entire thing of education, and making the public transport women and senior citizen friendly?

What does the conductor do if he cannot ensure things are functioning the way it is meant to?

image courtsey internet
image courtsey internet

It is bad enough that in bus that allows 11 standing passengers the  number of standing passengers are 22, one time the conductor insisted that I stand of the steps, when the bus stopped I feel off.

With these blatant flaunting of safety regulations does it really make sense to have this light a candle to remember people who died in an road accident?